A Star Is Born

If you can spare a moment, I'll tell you a tall tale, about a man who never learned how to sail, but unlike Jonah, he swallowed the whale. He rode an old Harley straight into Hell, this is the story I want to tell. He said it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. "It was supposed to be red but its really pee green. Its not a place but a state instead and it can be found inside your own head. If you don't turn and face all your fears, Hell is a place between both of your ears."

He was the biggest man, I think I'd ever seen, ridin one fine lookin' machine. He was wearing old leathers and a look just as mean. Then he smiled and said at least my bike's clean. I laughed and said "Hey what's your name?" He said pick one you like, to me, they're all the same. Hell on wheels, I said, I'll play your game. Well, that's how we became friends and this is how my story begins.

Our friendship grew, we learned from each other, his new name now is, my Brother. Like one hand on a clock, what good is the other? Now people think we have the same mother.

It's been twenty years we rode side-by-side, drunk and dirty and did it with pride. We made our mark both deep and wide. Sometimes we laughed and sometimes we cried. So don't judge a man by the length of his hair, his shaggy beard or the colors he'll wear. When I need a friend, you're always there. That's how I know you really do care. You taught me the true `Meaning of Life`, children are sacred and how to love your wife. Family and friends are one and the same. What you are called is more important than your real name.

No matter how long they keep us apart, you'll always be close, here in my heart. I know one day soon I'll see you again, and this is how my story will end. When our time comes and our bodies fail, where we end up won't be Heaven or Hell. So the next comet they'll see, well it's just you and me. Since we never did learn how to sail, if you hold it's head, I'll grab it's tall tale!


Comet tail!

Luv Ya, "The Rebel Poet"

Homeward Bound

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