Famous Quotes Poems and Sayings From The Rebel Poet

The Reb on "Love"

"Love can be a wonderful experience, as long as you don't get emotionally involved." 

The Reb on "Hate"

"See love."

The Reb on "The South"

"Can someone please tell me the difference between you all and motor all?"

The Reb on "Animal Rights"

"Until my horse learns how to throw money over the fence every time I throw hay, he ain't got no rights."

The Reb on "Gay Rights"

"There is nothing wrong with Gay's rights, it's their jabs and upper-cuts they need to work on."

The  Reb's "Motto"

"If I like it , I'll do it for money!"

The Reb on "Truth"

"You have to know when to lie and that's the truth."

The Reb on "Wealth"

"Money is the root of all wealth!"

The Reb on "War"

"You have but one life to give to your country, so don't waste it on the military! Ask what they can do for you?"

The Reb On "Saddam Hussein"

"Well he can't be all bad, he likes killing his people too."

The Reb on "Religion"

"I believe we are all born equal and spend the rest of our lives trying to get ahead of each other. We have but one God, and every one knows she's Black!"

The Reb on "Ego"

"The only thing worst than tooting your own horn, is not having a horn!"

The Reb on "Alcoholics Anonymous"

"I never use my real name anyway, especially when I'm drinking."

The Reb on "Life"

"You can't live life on your terms, you can only live your life on your terms."

The Reb on "His Childhood"

"The place where I grew up was so rough, a cat with a tail was a tourist."

The Reb on "Gun Control"

"If you have a gun, you're in control."

The Reb on 'Anger Management'

"People that can't manage their anger just make me mad as Hell!"

The Reb on "His Spelling"

"I think all of us bad spellers should untie together!"

The Reb on "Politics"

"Politics are politics, but a cigar, well that's a fine smoke!"

The Reb on "Marriage"

"You'll never know a woman until you meet her in court!"

The Reb on his recent "Breakup"

"She really didn't break, she just kind of cracked. I guess you could call it a crackup."

The Reb on his "In-laws"

"There are too many damn laws as it is!"

The Reb on "Friendship"

"We can all use a friend and we all do."

The Reb on "Martha Stewart's conviction"

"She should get a new lawyer and see if he can get her voltage reduced."

The Reb on "Safe Sex"

"I never use safe sex. If they die they die!"

The Reb on "Drugs"

"Oh my God, what is that? It looks like those bug-eyed aliens only they have honey-baked hams for feet! Yeah, and they're feeding everyone. Ha ha ha ha, what a trip man, I think one of them wants to dance, cool. Oh my God, there is no music! Run for your life! Oh wow look all the chicks have roast beef for feet. What do they use for buns? Wow look at all the colors..."

Life and Love as seen by...'The Rebel Poet'

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