Famous Love Poems, Quotes and Sayings
With a New Twist by
The Rebel Poet


I don't love you because you're beautiful,
You're beautiful because I love you.

That's not an easy thing to say,

But it's an easy thing to do.


You may not mean much to the world,

But you mean the whole world to me.

Others may see you less beautiful,

But your beauty is all I see.


Being together counting the years,

Think of what you'll miss,

Me laughing away your tears.

Not having me to kiss.


You can give without loving,
But you can't love without giving.

Without you being in my life,

I wouldn't call that living.


Because you can't love me,

The way I wanted you to,

Doesn't mean I love you,

Less than I already do.


Man falls in love through his eye

But a woman through her ear.

I tried to SHOW you everything,

That a woman wants to hear.


What makes my love for you,

Different from any other,

We've never lied or even fought

And still love one another.


The way it is, is the way it has to be.

If you really love something, you must set it free.

Well that piece of wit, is a bunch of shit,

And this piece of wit comes from me.


I'm no longer a part of your life,

But at least we took a chance.

I didn't get the last laugh,

But I did get the last dance.


Since we were never together,

How can we be apart?

I've never seen you without your shoes,

But left your footprints on my heart.


Life and love as seen by

~ The Rebel Poet ~


Some pray to marry the man they love,
my prayer will somewhat vary:
I humbly pray to Heaven above
that I love the man I marry.

~ by Rose Stokes ~


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