Sonata, Not Sayonara - Because I Still Care 


When I was a young man, I made my living with a gun.

I was every mothers nightmare, every mother's son.

Money and fun.


I thought I was right, even though I was wrong,

but life demanded more than just being strong.

Wine, women and song.


Horses, Harleys, handguns and herb,

men should be judged by more than his word.

Action is heard.


When I find myself and my life's work,

I start being a man and stop being a jerk.

Artist or clerk.


The difference between dreams and reality,

one you think about, one you can see.

Be the best you can be.


If it's worth doing, its worth doing right.

Playing guitar, even a  fist fight.

Day and night.


I love what I love, and I hate what I hate.

There's no in-between, so get it straight.

Before it's to late.


A man's greatest job should be his son.

Now he is a man, your job isn't done.

It's a bigger one.


Love and sex aren't always the same,

but if they're not, it's pretty tame.

It's all just a game.


Once I had it all laid at my feet.

All take and no give, pretty sweet.

A one way street.


Millionaires and Junkies are one and the same.

I'd rather be a Hobo riding a slow train.

Find Jesus, before you go insane.


When I was your age, I knew the meaning of a friend,

whether they had empty pockets or money to spend.

So don't pretend.


As I became older, I started to care,

about other people, and you I swear.

Must be the blond hair?


Isn't it funny how some things never change,

while other things still remain just the same.

What a shame.


Now that I am older and wiser, some say I'm smart,

believe me these words, come straight from my heart.

It's time to start.


A poet I'm not, you can tell by my words.

I just hope that my message was heard.

To be assured.


I will never forget you, I wouldn't even try,

when I think about you, I just start to, oh well;

Said with a sigh.

`The Rebel Poet`

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