As Fate Would Have It!

She said the way we met was fate,

not because of the Rebel Poet.

She said she loved me before we met

and it was more than just by chance.

Not knowing then, as I know now,

I wanted to believe it was true.

But just as fate would have it,

her hate for me just grew.

We had a great time together,

we would laughed away the day.

We even worked hard together,

and we sure as Hell did play!


I live high on top of a mountain,

and we often gazed at the stars.

This kept her from her true fate,

of living in those sleazy bars.

We both had several animals,

and I don't mean just a few.

I guess it was just my fate,

my life turned into a zoo.

I reminded her of someone she hated

still haunting her from the past.

I really didn't understand at first,

still thinking our love would last.


I thought we were more than lovers,

and that she'd always be my friend.

Well don't we all, and as fate would have it

they both came to a bitter end.

I showed her how to think with her heart,

and stop thinking with her head.

As fate would have it, she lives in her past

and sleeps in my worst friends bed.


Honesty is the best policy

and this we all know.

As fate would have it,

her deceit started to show.


She told me how much she loved me,

followed by some of her favorite lies.

Even through all of the makeup I saw,

the real truth in her painted eyes.

I knew that it was over for good,

when the trust in her was gone.

Well as fate usually prevails,

it was time for moving on.

The hatred she carries by choice not chance,

is for people that I never even knew.

As fate would have it they're long gone,

so I guess I'll just have to do.


Pain you keep inside turns to anger ,

if you choose not to let it go.

As fate would have it's way again,

love never had a chance to grow.


The reasons for our break up,

weren't the reasons that she said.

In her heart she knows the truth,

the reasons are all in her head.


At first the things she did to me,

seemed a little bit sadistic.

Well as fate would have it,

I'm just one more statistic.


As fate would have it we live apart,

and will never ever speak again.

I know I never lost a lover

I damn sure never lost a friend.

It couldn't have been any worse,

well it could have been maybe.

My fate could have been'

that she had my baby!

She never took the time to know me,

and that was really my true fate.

As fate will always have it's way,

I'm just someone else to hate.


An apology is out of the question,

well, it simply comes to late.

Now I'm in love with someone else

I guess it's just my dumb luck.... 

Life and Love as seen by


'The Rebel Poet'


Ah, take me back home!



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