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They call me The Rebel Poet, yeah that's my nom de plume.

That just means my alias, not some cheap French perfume.

 Everything I write is the truth, that is according to me.

That's OK if you disagree, that's your autobiography.


When all my friends were in school, I was in a bar.

When they were crackin' books, I was playing guitar.

Now I drive an old truck, and they have  fancy cars,

except for that old looking one, with the RR,s.


Watch those Bs and Fs.

The Old Rebmobile!

You know I guzzle my whiskey, instead of taking small sips.

I smoke those funny cigarettes, the ones with the twisted tips.

I check out the girls, from their hair to their hips.

Only thing I have against em all, is just a pair of lips.


Just a pair of  lips.





I have loved a few of my girlfriends, but that passed,

I don't think about them much but I think I had a blast.

I don't remember how it ended time goes by so fast,

but when I learned to love myself, that seems to last.



I really liked Harleys and riding my horse,

the thing I like best about riding, of course.

They both were determined to be the source,

that eventually led up to my divorce.


My poetry is all "friction based on fact."

because one thing my poems lacked,

they were written with very little tact'

because I've been caught in the act.




I once asked my son what he thought of my verse.

He said to me, "Well 'Reb' you see,

the topics you choose couldn't be any worse.

With all the wondrous things in the universe,

you spend your time, trying to make rhyme,

of what you might find, inside the Queen's purse!"


So I thought long and hard, then I said,

"Son, I think I know what you mean.

With all the wondrous things I've seen,

she must have died last night,

and they made you the Queen."

The only thing I've had against The Reb is just a pair of lips!


My poems come with a money back guarantee.

Just return the unused portion of my poetry,

I'll send you the unused portion of your money.

Now you can't beat that, since it's all free.


Since we all work for food, I tried driving a truck.

Then construction, and boy did that suck!

When I thought I had finally run out of luck,

I found a way to make'em laugh for under a buck!

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